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Nonlinear Sciences

Each semester, the School of Physics invites a variety of speakers to come share their exciting research with students and faculty at Georgia Tech. All students and faculty are invited.
----ALL LECTURES Thursday at 11:00 am in Conference Room N110 UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.
If you have questions or seminar suggestions, please contact: Roman Grigoriev. To set up an appointment with a speaker, contact Tzatzilha Torres

Spring 2007 Schedule

Date Topic
Classes begin - Spring Term 2007
01/15 Official School Holiday
Monday 1/29
Skiles 255 at 4:30
Diane Henderson, Penn State  University
Stabilizing the Benjamin-Feir instability.

March 1-3

Computational Homology & Fluid Dynamics Workshop
Georgia Tech
Wardlaw Center
Christine Selhuber, Heidelberg University
Adhesion Force Spectros copy of Single Cells on NanopatternedS ubstrates
Monday 03/05
Skiles 255 at

Ruslan L. Davidchack, University of Leicester
Looking for order within chaos: Locating and understanding coherent structures within Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation.

03/19-23 Spring Break
Howey Physics
Lecture Room 5
The Annual Joseph Ford Commemorative Lecture
Edward A. Spiegel, Columbia University
The Contect of Shape


Monday 04/02
4:30 pm
Skiles 255
Mark Pollicott, University Warwick
Computing the Lyapunov exponent for Random Matrix Products

Wednesday 04/04 
Physics N110

Igor Belykh,Georgia State University


Last Day of Classes
05/14 Classes begin - Summer Term 2007

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