Center for Nonlinear Science

Georgia Tech

In the last two decades investigations of nonlinear phenomena in nature have developed into a field of great importance that affects many branches of natural science and technology. GT is exceptionally strong in this field; in a number of departments researchers working on nonlinear systems rank among the leaders in their respective research areas. The aim of this cross-disciplinary Center is to combine these strengths. The Center aims to foster an experimental and theoretical approach that stresses the unity of the concepts underlying a wide range of physical and biological phenomena, and that benefits from the diverse scientific backgrounds of its members1. It aims to provide a physical and intellectual meeting place, thereby facilitating innovation and new cooperations in research and teaching. A detailed description of interconnectedness of the contributing research efforts and the proposed training program is available on the GT Center for Nonlinear Science homepage .

The School of Physics strongly supports the initiative and has committed further faculty lines to strengthening the research effort in the field of nonlinear science. The School of Mathematics has continuing recruting effort in dynamical systems theory, and Georgia Tech/Emory Biomedical Engineering Department has strong recruiting effort in fileds realted to biological applications of nonlinear science.

The Center is run by a director together with an executive committee that oversees the day-to-day program. The list of the founding faculty of the Center is appended to this document; the administrative structure is outlined in detail on the Nonlinear Sciences Program web site.

Main Activities

Benefits to GT


Predrag Cvitanovic', Professor, G. Robinson Chair in Nonlinear Sciences, Physics (COS)

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1 An example of a successful enterprise of this type is the Center for Chaos and Turbulence Studies in Copenhagen which has been directed by P. Cvitanovi\'c.

2 A pilot series for such seminars has already been initiated, consult CNS seminar homepage.

3 An NSF Physics Frontier Center preproposal is currently under preparation.

July 17, 2001 - Predrag Cvitanovic