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28 Mar 2001

14.2 Georgia Institute of Technology
Policy on Long Distance Telephone Usage


It is the policy of Georgia Tech that the use of Institute's long distance telephone services is limited to official Georgia Tech business. Further, State law precludes Georgia Tech employees from using State resources for personal gain or benefit. Personal use is prohibited.

General Guidelines

The department head is responsible for the business and financial operations of the unit, including the development and implementation of appropriate operating procedures and internal controls. Long distance telephone charges are included in this area of responsibility. Unit personnel are responsible for the timely review of all long distance telephone charges appearing on monthly Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) bills. Inquiries related to questioned charges are to be directed to OIT Telecommunication Services. Charges identified as unofficial are to be reimbursed by the caller.

Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Unofficial Calls

Long distance calls other than those on official Georgia Tech business are to be charged to home telephones or personal telephone calling cards. In rare instances where special circumstances are present and unofficial long distance calls, including GIST calls, are made on departmental telephones, the following steps are to be taken:

  1. The employee and the unit's business officer are to work together in identifying unofficial long distance calls;
  2. The unit's business officer will obtain reimbursement from the employee for the cost of all unofficial long distance calls;
  3. The unit's business officer will complete a Long Distance Call Reimbursement Deposit Form, indicating the project to which an appropriate expense credit is to be applied, and make a timely deposit (check or cash) with the Bursar's Office in Lyman Hall;

A copy of the annotated DOAS bill noting the unofficial long distance call(s) and cost, and any other supporting documentation is to be retained by the department.

If an employee has terminated employment with Georgia Tech, the department may have an invoice issued to the former employee through Accounting Services Accounts Receivable, or reimbursement may be withheld from the employee's final paycheck.

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