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dynamical systems and fluid dynamics

Fall 2014

Thursday October 09
Xiong Ding
Periodic eigendecompostion enables us to calculate the
full spectrum and eigenvectors of the product of a sequence
of matrices. It can be used to calculate Floquet exponents
and Floquet vectors of periodic orbits.
Monday, September 29
Prof. Chongchun Zeng
Symmetry reduction for dynamical system. More precisely,
quotient manifold embedding
uniqueness of geometric phases
one-to-one correspondence between diffferent symmetry-reduced maps
ChaoBook.org Chapter 9,10; Symmetry Reduction.
Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014 at 3:00pm
Mohammad Farazmand
Fractional calculus and inertial particle dynamics:
Mysterious appearance of mathematics in unexpected places!
Thursday, August 28
Xiong Ding
Definition of various dimensions of a chaotic attractor.
thursday, September 03, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Jairo Rodri'guez Padilla
Introductory knowledge about differential geometry. Examples about diffeomorphism.

Spring 2014

Tuesday, February 18
Predrag Cvitanović
Go with the (noisy) flow
ChaosBook.org unwritten chapter: Just what Jeffrey told you last three weeks, but this time in the continuous time - weakly stochastic ODEs
Tuesday, February 4
Jeffrey Heninger
As good as it gets in the state space
svn co repository lippolis: cd gable; pdflatex blog
let Predrag know if you cannot check out the repo.
in N202 Physics Library this week only
Tuesday, January 27
Jeffrey Heninger
Some references, inserted here by Predrag:
pdf Predrag Cvitanović and Domenico Lippolis
Knowing when to stop: How noise frees us from determinism
in M. Robnik and V.G. Romanovski, eds., Let's Face Chaos through Nonlinear Dynamics, pp. 82--126 (Am. Inst. of Phys., Melville, New York, 2012) [ arXiv:1206.5506 ]
Seminar Predrag Cvitanović video: Physicist's life is intractable
Counting, Inference, and Optimization on Graphs,
2 nov 2011 (talk aimed at computer scientists)
Tuesday, January 21
Jeffrey Heninger
ChaosBook.org, Chapter 25, Noise.

Summer 2014

Thursday,May 29
Burak Budanur
Review of WKB approximation as the start of Quantum Chaos study
ChaosBook.org, chapter 32, WKB quantization.
Thursday,June 05
Burak Budanur
Semiclassical wave function and Hamilton-Jacobi theory
ChaosBook.org, chapter 33, Semiclassical evolution.
Thursday,June 12
Thursday,June 19
Burak Budanur
Semiclassical propagator
ChaosBook.org, chapter 33, Semiclassical evolution.
Thursday,June 26
Burak Budanur
Semiclassical Green's function
ChaosBook.org, chapter 33, Semiclassical evolution.
Thursday,July 03
Burak Budanur
Semiclassical spectral determinant
ChaosBook.org, chapter 34, Semiclassical quantization.
Thursday,July 10
Thursday, July 17
Xiong Ding
Classical spectral determinant under discrete and continous symmetry: C(N), D(N), SO(2), O(2)
For a discrete symmetry, the trace formula can be reduced to its irreducible subspace. We use C(N) and D(N) as two examples to illustrate the essential process. For a continous symmetry, convergence problem occurs for SO(2) and O(2) which demands your help.
ChaosBook.org, chapter 21, Discrete factorization.
Thursday,July 24
Xiong Ding
Continue to talk about continous factorization. Add an example for discrete case C(nv) for n even.
More disagreement on the derivation of continous factorization of spectral determinant.
Thursday,July 31
Xiong Ding
Programming skills about wrapping C++ to Python/Matlab.
If speed is a concern for you in Matlab/Python, the heavy part could be rewritten by C/C++, and then you make an interface to the C/C++ code in Python/ Matlab. In this way, both the speed of C++ and the flexibility of Python/ Matlab are obtained.
Thursday,Aug 07
Jeffrey Heninger
How to find the global stationary distribution for a stochastic chaotic map.
Where is the extra probability coming from?
Time to be determined
Greg Byrne
OpenGL within CUDA
Basics of CUDA and GPU programming. Visuallization directly using OpenGL in CUDA programing.
CUDA official site.
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