Sister Nonlinear Science Centers

A list of the "sister centers" with which the Center collaborates in organizing workshops, exchanging researchers, and hosting students:

NSF IGERT Dynamics of Complex Systems in Science and Engineering, Northwestern U [contact - Hermann Riecke, co-director]

NSF IGERT Biology, Mathematics and Physics Initiative, U of Arizona at Tucson [contact - Michael Tabor, director]

NSF IGERT Graduate Interdisciplinary Training in Nonlinear Systems, Cornell U [contact - Steven Strogatz, director]

Center for Nonlinear Dynamics, U of Texas at Austin [contact - Harry L. Swinney, Michael P. Marder]

Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, U of Chicago [contact - H. Jaeger, director and S. Nagel]

Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems, Duke U [contact - Robert Behringer, Andrea Bertozzi]

Materials Research Laboratory, UC Santa Barbara [contact - Jean Carlson, Guenter Ahlers]

The Institute for Nonlinear Science, UC San Diego [contact - Michael I. Rabinovich and Henry D. I. Abarbanel]

Santa Fe Institute, [contact - Ellen Goldberg, president]

Center for Nonlinear Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory [contact - R.E. Ecke, director and R. Mainieri] Experiments on pattern formation in fluids. Theory - nonlinear dynamics, statistical mechanics of chaotic systems.


Dec 6 2001 - last edited by D. Glass