School of Physics big format printer

Ryan says (July 2008 - might be obsolete info):
"[School of Physics] has a large-format inkjet printer. The HP DesignJet 800 PS is capable of printing documents up to 42" wide and 100' long. The printer is primarily used for poster prints for conferences. Please indicate whether or not you want glossy paper or regular. If you are going to do a poster print, the proper dimensions are 42x35 inches. Examples of the printers output can be found on the first floor."

The poster needs to be in vector format in order to come out nicely. That means in pdf or postscript. If the pdf (or ps) file is properly prepared resolution is pretty much irrelevant. Make sure that all the figures you include in your latex file are also vector based and *not* bitmaps. Nice examples how to make a poster can be found here and here. In case you prefer to make your posters using Microsoft Powerpoint, you can get all the help you need here.
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