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Fall 2006

Introduction to Continuum Physics-Roman Grigoriev
          PHYS 4421-  The course aims to redress the balance by offering a modern, unified introduction to the basic concepts and phenomenology of continuous systems. The course is
          intended for  physics, biology, math, engineering and geophysics advanced undergraduates, starting graduate students. The mathematical prerequisites are modest and are developed further as the need arises.

 Dynamics of Turbulence  - P.K. Yeung
         AE 6080- This is a second-level course on turbulence, building on the introductory  material presented in AE 6012. The emphasis is on fundamental physical understanding, and
         on the use of this   knowledge in building turbulence models.  Students are encouraged to explore the literature on current research developments, including large-scale numerical computations.

Spring 2006

Fall 2005

Fall 2004

MWF 11:45-12:35
Emory Course:  Fluid Dynamics - Stephan Koehler
PHYS 380 - Introdcution to fluid dynamics for biologists, chemists, and physicists. Emphasis will be placed upon developing intuition for fluid dynamics from biological examples.
NOTE:  To receive class credit for this course you must cross-register by July 9, 2004.

MWF 2:05 - 2:55, Howey N210

 Quantum Information Theory - Cortese
          PHYSICS 8803C - This course is a broad introduction to quantum information theory and quantum communication theory. Topics to be covered include:  closed and open quantum system dynamics, mathematical formulation of a quantum channel, the complete positivity constraint on quantum channels, measurements in closed and              open quantum systems, the classical channel capacity of a quantum channel, the quantum state channel capacity of a quantum channel, quantum state compression,                  quantum state coding theory, and open questions in Quantum Information Theory.  The discussion of each topic will begin with an overview of the classical concept, and           proceed to the quantum version.

MWF 1:05 - 1:55, Skiles MATH 271
 Ordinary Differential Equations I - Yi
                    MATH 6307 -  Graduate level ODE:  This sequence develops the qualitative theory for systems of ordinary differential equations. Topics include stability, Lyapunov                         functions, Floquet theory, attractors, invariant manifolds, bifurcation theory, and normal forms.

MWF 2:05 - 2:55, Skiles MATH 270
 Industrial Math - Mucha
                    MATH 6514 -  Applied mathematics techniques to solve real-world problems. Topics include mathematical modeling, asymptotic analysis, differential equations and                         scientific computation.

MWF 12:05 - 22:55, Skiles MATH 256
 Special Functions - Geronimo
                    MATH 6584 -  Special Functions of Higher Mathematics Gamma function; exponential function; orthogonal polynomials; Bessel, Legendre, and hypergeometric                             functions; application to singular ordinary differential equations; and separation of variables for partial differential equations.

Spring 2004

Fall 2003

Spring 2003

Fall 2002

Summer 2002

Spring 2002

Fall 2001

Spring 2001

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