Atlanta, October 25 2010


Graduate Research Assistant in Theoretical Fluid Dynamics


The Center for Nonlinear Science at Georgia Institute of Technology has an opening for a Graduate Research Assistant in theoretical fluid dynamics. The RA will join the collaboration between Georgia Institute of Technology (Predrag Cvitanović, Roman Grigoriev and Mike Schatz), U New Hampshire (John F. Gibson), DS Max Planck Institute Göttingen (Björn Höf) and U Sheffield (Ashley Willis) which brings together experts in nonlinear dynamics and fluid dynamics. The thesis project will focus on the theoretical and computational modeling of pipe and plane bounded fluid flows and serve as the centerpiece of collaboration, interacting with both theorists and experimentalists in the group. Additional information about the project and the Center for Nonlinear Science is available at and


The RA position is available immediately. If interested, please contact Predrag Cvitanović.