IGERT Funded Projects
By Institution (as of Sept. 2002)

The following is a list of awarded projects for the IGERT program. You may read the abstract for each award by clicking on the name of the Principle Investigator (PI). You may also go to the project Web site by pointing your mouse at the name of the institution.

Institution: Boston University
Project Title: Graduate Research Training in Bioinformatics
Institution: Brandeis University
Project Title: Quantitative Approaches to Neuroscience: From Molecules to Behavior
Institution: Carnegie Mellon University
Project Title: Cross-Disciplinary Training in the Neural Basis of Cognition
Institution: Case Western Reserve University
Project Title: Training Program in Neuro-mechanical Systems
Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology
Project Title: Signals in the Sea

Institution: Montana State University
Project Title: Education and Research Training in Structure and Function of Complex Biological Systems
Institution: UC-Berkeley
Project Title: Physical Biosciences: From Molecular Machines to Neural Imaging
Institution: UC-LA
Project Title: NeuroEngineering Training Program
Institution: UC-San Diego
Project Title: Graduate Training Program in Computational Neurobiology
Institution: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Project Title: Nanoparticle Science and Engineering
Institution: University of Utah
Project Title: Extremely Small Scale Thermal-Fluid Systems