John R. Elton

CNS Affiliate
Ph.D. Student, University of ???
B.S., Physics, Georgia Tech, 2008

Room: Howey-W503


My current research interests include nonlinear dynamical systems, chaos, quantum chaos, complex systems, the topology of hyperbolic flows, and turbulence. Recent work at Georgia Tech has focused on trying to understand the interplay between geometry and dynamics in plane Couette flow. We hope to characterize and provide a general description of fluid mixing in unbounded, turbulent shear flows by studying the chaotic streamlines of tracer particles in a Lagrangian frame of reference.

Other interests (not yet researched upon) include particle physics, cosmology, symmetry breaking, unification, the early universe, dark matter, and LHC.


papers - arXiv

1. "Fluctuations in Classical Sum Rules", John R. Elton, Arul Lakshminarayan and Steven Tomsovic, submitted to Phys. Rev. E.

2. "Lagrangian Mixing in Plane Couette Flow", John R. Elton, Predrag Cvitanovic and John F. Gibson, in preparation for J. Fluid Mech.


Center for Nonlinear Science - turbulence study group 
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