Quantum Mechanics I online lectures

PHYS 3143 - Spring 2020

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"A modern approach to Quantum Mechanics". 2nd Edition. John. S. Townsend.





March 12 Thu

A Square Well Potential, part III - Cvitanović

  • Predrag's bonus online lecture on "Finite square well bound states"
  • Andrew, Predrag & The Student (Ray) office hour discussion of the meaning of it all.
  • Listen to either "Finite Square Well, bonus notes, part 1 - March 31 2020" or "Finite Square Well - part 2 - March 31st" (which seem to be essentially the same), then view this video, which is less sophoriphic, as it was recorded in a live online session.
1:30-2:45pm March 31, 2020