Continuum physics courses elswhere

Courses based on
B. Lautrup, Continuum Physics, Exotic and everyday Phenomena in the Macroscopic World (Institute of Physics, to appear in 2003)

Continuum physics, Georgia Tech PHYS-4421-02, P. Cvitanovic' (fall 2002)
Continuum mechanics, Danish Technical University physics-10346, T. Bohr (spring 2002, parts in Danish)

Courses based on other texts

Ph 136: Applications of classical physics, (mirror) Caltech (spring 2002) - a very impressive undertaking, recommended reading for advanced students.
Granular flows, the ultimate site.


Advice of experts

Courses on complex dynamics, differential equations, etc

List of complex courses
Computer Physics (NBIfAFG 3rd year course), with very extensive set of lecture notes and programs in IDL, fortran and mathematica.
Resources for a Modern Differential Equations Course, H.J. Ricardo
U Michigan
MAGN 498/510: Dynamical Systems/Ordinary Differential Equations, E. Erik Van Vleck, Colorado School of Mines

Visualization of dynamical systems

Nonlinear Lab
Physics 251: Chaos, Complexity and Computation (java applets based course), S. Coppersmith et al., U. Chicago (fall 1998)
IDE - Gettysburg
IDE - list of books
Books on diff eqs

Reference sources

Fundamental constants, the authorative site
CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics - index
strangest math paper titles

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