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  Feb 16 2004

Exotic and everyday Phenomena in the Macroscopic Worlde

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B. Lautrup,
Physics of Continuous Matter, Exotic and everyday Phenomena in the Macroscopic World
All chapter and exercise numbers refer to this book.

The book is copyright protected and will be published by Institute of Physics in 2003, but the author has given us a permission to use the current draft of the book. It should not be distributed outside GT. In return, the author will be grateful for your comments, criticisms, problem set solutions, edits, new problem sets, useful references and links.

START: Thursday Jan 8 2004, 12:05 in Howey S104

Spring semester 2004, Tue, Thu 12:05-1:25 in Howey S104

PROBLEM SETS: Please deliver solutions to the problem set of the preceding Thursday by the end of Tuesday's lecture. Late problem sets will be accepted accompanied by a letter from a doctor, a notorized grandmother's obituary, or a letter from forensic specialist (if a dog ate the problem set)

MIDTERM EXAM: Thu, Feb 24 at Thu 12:05-1:25 in Howey S201
    (Closed book, on material covered in lectures up to Feb 19 2004, only the sections from chapters 3 to 12 indicated in the syllabus)

FINAL EXAM: Thursday, Apr 29 at 12:05-1:25 in Howey S201
    (Closed book, on material covered in lectures starting with chapter 15)

EVALUATION METHOD: Weekly homework assignments, midterm and final exam. Students who score above 80% on homework receive an A and can skip the final. Otherwise grades will be determined from the homework (50%), the midterm (20%) and the final (30%). The same applies to auditing students, except that no grade will be communicated to the Registrar.

EMAIL LIST: For people following the course, check the e-mail list. Please subscribe to the course e-mail distribution even if you are only interested in a subset of the topics - send e-mail with text (and no header):

Subject: < subscribe phys4421

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