Nenad was a wonderful doctor.  His patient's loved him.  I
absolutely enjoyed working with him, although we got off to a rocky start as
we did not see eye to eye on certain issues, however, over time I have to say,
I would seek him out at work to enjoy a friendly conversation and to laugh.
We loved to play jokes on him. 

I wish I could find some of the infamous flyers we made to promote the
Pacemaker Clinic Nenad developed.  They were terribly tacky looking.  We drew
a picture of an ECG tracing of a malfunctioning pacemaker that finally went to
flat line that went to telephone receiver line.  The verbiage on the flyer
went something like: "If this is your heart's line and you don't want it to go
flat line  . . . then you better call our line at Dr Belic's Pacemaker Clinic"
 We put his picture on the flyer along with a forgery of his signature.  We
copied it on bright yellow paper and presented it to him like we had hundreds
printed!  We told him, we mailed the flyer to all the physicians at
Northwestern Memorial Hospital and put them in all the doctor's mailboxes at
Columbus Hospital.  He literally fell into a chair and scratched his famous
"B" signature off the bottom of one of the flyers when I told him I put the
flyer on all the physician's  car windshields in the parking garage.  He said
over and over, "You didn't, you didn't."

I actually only made about six of those flyers, however whenever he and I had
a major disagreement,  I would get the flyers out and threaten to replicate
and send them out.  I believe he finally confiscated all of them by the time
he retired.

What a wonderful person,  we all miss him.