A wreath at Pouladay Rocks

We laid a wreath at the exact co-ordinates where Lun was found.

When we set off from Kilkee to Pouladay Rocks it was quite still, very cold and overcast. We travelled at about 15-20 knots until we reached the co-ordinates. I was worried that the light was too poor to take good photographs but literally, and I mean literally, when we shut off the engine at the exact spot, the sun burst through and you see the results in the photos. I hope you will treasure them as it was an emotional experience for us too. None of us spoke until we got back to Kilkee.

Tom Byrne - Dec 16 2001

Kieran de Loughrey, Kevin Heenan and Barry Shaughnessy, from the Kilkee rescue service (Tom Byrne)