Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2001 11:16 AM

My name is Tom Byrne. I live on the west Coast of Ireland at Kilkee, County Clare. It was with extreme sadness that I took part in the recovery of the Lun on the beach at Kilkee last Friday evening (November 16, 7.30pm GMT). I helped in towing the vessel onto land from the sea with my 4-wheel drive. It was gut-wrenching to see someone's dream die with such tragic consequences and even more so when I read Alan Pollock's article about the man and his adventure.
I have recently been appointed Chairman of the Kilkee Civic Trust and at a meeting last night he was remembered with sadness. The idea then came to mind that a memorial be erected in his honour in the town and to that end I was delegated to attempt to contact his family.
My address is West End, KILKEE, Co. Clare, Ireland and my telephone number is International Code for Ireland + 65 6841900 (office hours) or + 65 9056664. My cellphone is + 86 2 628 628. My fax is 65 6841901.

In Kilkee it is traditional to remember those who died in the parish during the year at the Friday night mass (this year on Nov 30 2001). In this ceremony a member of the bereaved family brings a lighted candle up on to the altar in remembrance of the family member who passed away. I have asked the parish priest if Nenad could be remembered thus and he willingly said yes. In this picture my nine year old daughter Eva is bringing a candle to the altar for Nenad.