Nenad's Lun is being towed into land 
The Irish fishermen have spotted the boat and Irish Coast Guard towed it in. It was turned upside down, a hatch was broken, and it has been this way for a long time as there are sea incrustations growing within the boat. No trace of Nenad. Survival time at those temperatures is 2 hours max...

november 17  02:00 GMT

Mr Terry O'Sullivan of the Irish Customs holds the official position of "Receiver of wrecks for Clare and Limerick Counties". It was in this capacity that Mr O'Sullivan went to Kilkee to take delivery of ocean rowing boat "LUN" after it was towed in first by the fishing boat Molly Bawn and then by Irish CoastGuard.

Mr. O'Sullivan told ORS this morning "I have removed all of Dr. Belics personal effects from the boat for safekeeping, including his passport, these items are now secure. The boat itself is intact except for some damage to one of the hatches". 

Kenneth F. Crutchlow 
ORS Executuve Director 

Update FRIDAY 16th november

Duty Officer at MRCC Irish CoastGuard Dublin said:

"at 20.32 the ocean rowboat "LUN" was brought ashore in Kilkee (Ireland), the official receiver of wrecks has been informed and is on his way to take official receipt of the boat. It will be up to him what happens to the boat after his inspection"

Irish CoastGuard Information Update 

Rowing boat LUN located off County Clare.                                                                          Dublin 16th November 2001 

The Irish Coast Guard has confirmed that a vessel found floating off the coast of County Clare is that of the misssing rowboat "LUN". The upturned vessel was discovererd by a fishing boat, the Molly Bawn, at 13:49 this afternoon approximatley 6.5 miles south west of Kilkee, a quarter mile offshore at Pouladay Rocks. 

Kilkee Comunity Inshore Rescue Services and the Irish Coast Guard's Doolin Unit are at the scene. A diving inspection of the vessal by Kilkee Sub-Aqua Club has established that there is no body on board. The vessel will now be towed to shore at Kilkee. 

The "LUN" is missing since Sunday evening 30th September last when an EPIRB (electronic position indicating radio beacon) was activated 215 nauticle miles west of Castletownbere in storm force 10 conditions. The rowing boat was manned by solo transatlantic rower Dr. Nenad Belic who had set out his lone voyage from Cape Cod, USA on May 11th last. 

An extensive search of the area by the UK and Irish Coast Guard, the RAF the Irish Aer Corps and private aircraft engagesd by Dr. Belics family failed to locate the vessel 

reprinted with permission of Tom Mc Loughlin
Press officer Department of the Marine and Natural Resourses