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02 October 2001
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Sea Area Forecast until : 2400 hours 02-Oct-2001

Issued at 2400 hours Monday, 01-Oct-01

Meteorological Situation at 2100 : A depression of 958 hPa centred 500 miles Northwest of Malin Head drifts quickly eastwards, while maintaining a very strong southwest airflow over Ireland. A frontal wave will pass by the south coast tomorrow morning.

Forecast for coasts from : Loop Head to Malin Head to Howth Head and the north Irish Sea

Wind : Southwest Gale Force 8 to strong gale force 9; gradually decreasing force 6 to gale force 8 tomorrow. W

eather : Frequent blustery showers with a risk of thunder.

Visibility : Moderate to poor in showers, but sometimes good

Forecast for coasts from : Howth Head to Roches Point to Loop Head and for the south Irish Sea :

Wind : Southwest gale force 8, occasionally strong gale force 9 overnight; decreasing F6 to gale force 8 in the morning-slackest in the south.

Weather : Occasional blustery showers; the showers soon becoming more scattered.

Visibility : Mostly moderate in showers, but sometimes good.

Warning of Heavy Swell : Nil

Text of Gale warning
Southwest gales or strong gales overnight on all Irish Coastal Waters and on the Irish Sea.

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