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classical and quantum chaos
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quantum field theory
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group theory
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books on chaos

Chaos: Classical and Quantum
(with R. Artuso, R. Mainieri, G. Vatay, G. Tanner and others), advanced graduate webbook
Universality in Chaos
(Adam Hilger, Bristol, 1984; second expanded edition 1989); reprint selection edited and with introduction by P. Cvitanović
Chaos, Order and Patterns
(proceedings of a NATO Advanced Institute, Como 1990, edited by P. Cvitanović, with R. Artuso and G. Casati) (Plenum, New York 1991)
Quantum Chaos - Quantum Measurement
(proceedings edited by P. Cvitanovic´, with I. Percival and A. Wirzba) (Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1992)
Periodic Orbit Theory - theme issue
(edited by P. Cvitanovic´), CHAOS 2, 1-158 (1992)

book on group theory

Group theory - Birdtracks, Lie's, and Exceptional Groups
(Princeton University Press, Princeton 2008)

book on field theory

Field theory
textbook (Nordita, January 1983) + more recent lecture notes