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Sid Nagel's 10 Best Films

  1. Modern Times (Chaplin)
  2. City Lights (Chaplin)
  3. A Night at the Opera (Marx Brothers)
  4. Horsefeathers (Marx Brothers)
  5. Citizen Kane (Orson Wells)
  6. Pat and Mike (Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy)
  7. Adam's Rib (Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy)
  8. Its a Wonderful Life (James Stewart/Capra)
  9. How Green was my Valley (Ford)
  10. Casablanca (Humphrey Bogart/Ingrid Bergman)
  11. His Girl Friday (Cary Grant)
  12. A Streetcar Named Desire (Marlon Brando/Elia Kazan)
  13. On the Waterfront (Marlon Brando/Elia Kazan)
  14. Breakfast at Tiffany's (Audrey Hepburn)
  15. Hud (Paul Newman)
  16. Cool Hand Luke (Paul Newman)
  17. North by Northwest (Hitchcock)
  18. Rear Window (Hitchcock)
  19. Psycho (Hitchcock)
  20. Beckett (Burton, O'Toole)
  21. A Thousand Clowns (Robards)
  22. To Kill a Mockingbird (Peck)
  23. Tom Jones (Albert Finney)
  24. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Tom Courteney)
  25. A Taste of Honey
  26. The Lavender Hill Mob (Alec Guiness/Charles Crichton)
  27. The Horse's Mouth (Alec Guiness/Ronald Neame)
  28. West Side Story (Natalie Wood)
  29. The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe
  30. The Pawnbroker (Rod Steiger/Sidney Lumet)
  31. Guys and Dolls (Sinatra/Brando/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
  32. Breathless (Jean Paul Belmondo/Jean Luc Goddard)
  33. Requiem for a Heavyweight (Gleason/Quinn/Ralph Nelson)
  34. The Manchurian Candidate (Laurence Harvey/Frank Sinatra/Angela
  35. Lansbury/John Frankenheimer)
  36. The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming (Arkin/Reiner)
  37. Dr. Strangelove (Peter Sellers/George C. Scott/Stanley Kubrick)
  38. The Graduate (Dustin Hoffman/Mike Nichols)
  39. The Americanization of Emily (James Garner, Julie Andrews, Hiller)
  40. McCabe and Mrs. Miller (Julie Christie/Robert Altman)
  41. Sunday, Bloody Sunday (Glenda Jackson/Peter Finch/John Schlesinger)
  42. Chinatown (Jack Nicholson/Faye Dunaway/John Huston/Roman Polanski)
  43. The Magic Flute (Ingmar Bergman)
  44. Best Boy (documentary/Ira Wohl)
  45. Raging Bull (Robert DeNiro/Martin Scorsese)
  46. Sleeper (Woody Allen)
  47. Annie Hall (Woody Allen)
  48. Manhattan (Woody Allen)
  49. Hannah and Her Sisters (Woody Allen)
  50. The Last Picture Show (Peter Bogdanovich)
  51. The Return of the Secaucus Seven (John Sales)
  52. The Brother from Another Planet (John Sales)
  53. The Killing Fields
  54. Last Exit to Brooklyn (Jennifer Jason Leigh/Uli Edel)
  55. Candy Mountain (Robert Frank)
  56. Tampopo (Itami)
  57. Stormy Monday (Griffith/Sting)
  58. Sweetie (Jane Campion)
  59. Motel
  60. A Room with a View (Merchant/Ivory)
  61. Too Beautiful for You (Depardieu/Bliere)
  62. Much Ado About Nothing (Kenneth Branagh)
  63. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry)

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Sidney Nagel
The University of Chicago

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