Wave chaos

Predrag Cvitanovic
Center for Chaos and Turbulence Studies
Niels Bohr Institute
Blegdamsvej 17,
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Hovedfagområde Fysik Tidsrum Forår 1997
Fagområde(r) Teoretisk fysik, akustik Sted NBI Blegdamsvej
Hold størelse 1-2
Forudsætninger Kontiuummekanik, differentielle ligninger, programmering

Bachelor project description

  1. Read through the derivation Gutzwiller trace formula.
  2. learn the basic equations of elastodynamics
  3. apply the method to
    1. derivation of trace formulas for acoustics
    2. computation of resonance spectra of quartz and aluminium blocks studied experimentally at CATS.
  4. compute the resonance spectrum by some ``traditional'' method

The goal of the project is to confront the theory with measurements that can be performed by our experimentailsts.


  1. L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz, Theory of Elasticity (Pergamon, England 1959)
  2. Cvitanovi\'c P., et al., (1996): Classical and Quantum Chaos: A Cyclist Treatise, http://www.nbi.dk/~predrag/QCcourse/
  3. The project would take the Niels Søndergaard's speciale Periodic orbit theory applied to acoustics, available at http://www.nbi.dk/~nsonderg/speciale/thesis.html as a starting point.

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