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  Nonlinear Science Seminars

--ALL LECTURES Thursday at 11:00 am in Conference Room N110 UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.
Spring 2006 Schedule

01/09 First Day of Spring 2006 Classes
01/16 Official School Holiday
01/30 (2:00pm MARC Auditorium) Rolf Mueller, School of Physics and Microelectronics, Shandong University, Jinan, China
(schedule), Joint with Center for Biologically Inspired Design
Mining Antenna Design Knowledge from Biological Diversity in Bat Ear Shapes

03/20-24 Spring Break
03/28 (11am in room L1125 of ES&T) Sven-Holger Behrens,
"Tuning Colloidal Interactions with Adsorbed Functional Polymers"
04/11 ( 3pm Room N110) Douglas Stone, Yale University-Department of Applied Physics
"Dielectric Microcavity Lasers: A System with Classical and Quantum Chaos"
04/12 ( 3pm Lecture Room 3 Howey Physics) The Annual Joseph Ford Commemorative Lecture,
Douglas Stone,
"Einstein's unknown insight and the problem of quantizing chaotic motion"

05/05 End of Spring 2006
05/15 Summer Term 2006 Classes Being