Audio-visual conferencing

CNS Webinars

If you want to take part in a CNS Webinar, you should have gotten an email invitation with a link to To join the online meeting (also from mobile devices), click on the link provided. Remeber to click on [Voice Conference] to activate audio on your device. You can only watch (mute your mike) and talk (unmute your mike and webcam). Try to join the meeting from a computer connected to hardwired internet (wireless has small bandwidth, gets a worse screen resolution).

It's like Skype and or Google Hangout, but it works much better for group seminars: projecting presentations (the same resolution as if the speaker was projecting a laptop presentaton in the seminar room) and discussions - the speaker sees the audience that she is talking to, and they can be individually or in groups anywhere on this globe.

CNS Webinar is a regular CNS seminar - the GaTech audience typically meets up in the CNS Howey W505 conference room, the speaker is either in the room, or physically elsewhere, in either case the Webinar is streamed live on

If you want to test your connection beforehand, send Roman, Predrag or someone else in the know an email, and we can 'meet' as 'buddies' in EVO 'Testing' room in the 'Universe', video-conferencing link room designed to let you test your connection.