CNS and GaTech e-mail distribution lists


Please subscribe/unsubscribe yourself to/from the lists of interest to you. For example, to subscribe to Georgia Tech nonlinear science seminars, login into

(use either you GTid, or type in the full external email address) and add yourself to the list

However, if you are CNS student or faculty, add yourself to either of

instead. You will be automatically included in cns-seminar mailings as well.

If you cannot login (in 2023 GaTech OIT broke that) subscribe to - let's say - cns-seminar (or any other list on this homepage) via email

To distribute an announcement to the appropriate list, send it (using as the sender address your email in the list, if GaTech adress to:

where the distribution_list is one or several of the following

sympa list maintenance (internal to CNS)