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Introduction to
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

PHYS 4267/6268  -  Spring 2006
TTh 9:35-10:55 Howey S204
Predrag Cvitanović
Office: Howey W501
Phone: (404) 385-2502
Email: predrag.cvitanovic [ at ] physics.gatech.edu
Office hours: (tentative): Tuesday 1-2pm
    Domenico Lippolis
    Office: Howey W503
    Phone: (404) 894-9407
    E-mail: domenico [ at ] gatech.edu
    Office hours: (tentative) Mon 1-2pm
Time Course Description Course theme songs
Stephen Hsu
To Times Once Forgotten (mp3)

From Austin TX
Future's so bright (mp3)

contributed by Stephen Hsu (performer unknown)
Dancers in the Chapel (Advent Children Mix) (mp3)

Course theme art
From Copenhagen DK
Predrag's collage (don't ask what it means)

Homework assignments will be posted on the web every Thursday and will be due next Tuesday in class. You can discuss problems with each other, but the solutions have to be executed and submitted individually. Some assignments will include problems (in blue font), which are mandatory for graduates and optional (for extra credit) for undergraduates. In general you are expected to comply with the academic honor code. Grades will based on the results of the homework assignments (70%), midterm (10%), and final exam (20%).

Predrag.Cvitanovic [at] physics.gatech.edu
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