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Introduction to Continuum Physics

PHYS 4421   Spring semester 2010 
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Is this continuum physics course for me?  Can I afford the textbook?  How is the course graded? I have to skip next lecture? Dog ate my homework?  How much programming needed?  Should I submit my code along with the computational exercises? 
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B. Lautrup
Physics of Continuous Matter, Exotic and everyday Phenomena in the Macroscopic World

All chapter and section numbers refer to the textbook, unless stated otherwise. This course is the prepublication test run of the 2. edition. Your active participation in improving the book is very much encouraged.
A basic background in calculus, ordinary differential equations and classical mechanics. Weekly homework assignments require both analytic and numerical work, so familiarity with a programming language is a plus.
Three lectures and a homework problem set per week.
A mid-term and a final exam; the grades will be based on these exams (40%/60%). Homework assignments will be posted on the web every Friday. Homeworks are required, they prepare you for the exams. They will not be graded (the textbook contains solutions), but we will have an in-class discussion of difficulties you may have encountered.
Monday Jan 11 2010, 2:05 in Howey S204
Howey S204, MWF 2:05-2:55pm