Student Jens J. Jensen writes: You promised to cover Group Theory in this course:

Ferment Magazine: Evariste Galois, who invented modern algebra at the age of 17.
Goldbart notes: Finite groups
Goldbart notes: Groups and mappings
Goldbart notes: Group representations
Goldbart notes: Irreducible representations
Goldbart notes: Applications of group representations
Goldbart notes: Lie groups and algebras

What happened?

Council of Elders ruled that group theory cannot be adequately taught in a few lectures, but that perturbation theory is something that you definitely need to learn.

Student Jens J. Jensen writes:
I'm interested in learning Group Theory. When is it offered next time?

Organize. Then with a group of students interested in taking it, petition the Graduate Committee that PHYS-7143 course is offered.