Instructor: Predrag Cvitanović
Office Address: Howey W501
Phone: 404 487 8469
Office Hours: see instructor home page

Time:  TR 1:30pm - 2:45pm
Room: Howey-Physics S104 
Expected Enrollment: 15

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Functional integral formulation of field theories, quantization of gauge theories, radiative corrections, renormalization, running coupling constants;  grand unification, factorization, parton evolution and scaling violations, and supersymmetry.

Time permitting, also some group theory, the quark model, the standard model, worldline formalism.

  1. M. Srednicki, Quantum Field Theory, Part I: Spin Zero - hep-th/0409035
  2. P. Cvitanović, Path integrals, and all that jazz, (preliminary unedited notes are here: Please send me your edits!)
  3. P. Cvitanović, Field theory
  4. M. Srednicki, Quantum Field Theory, Part II: Spin One Half - hep-th/0409036

START: Tue Jan 11, 12:05 in Howey S107, with detailed syllabus available on

PREREQUISITES: Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics

TEACHING METHOD: Two 1 1/2 h lectures per week

EVALUATION METHOD: Overal course grade will be determined from the homework (50%), midterm (20%), and the final (30%).