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Nonlinear dynamics: Chaos, and what to do about it? info

PHYS 7224   Fall semester 2008 
Is this chaos course for me?  I already took a chaos course?  How is the course graded? I have to skip next lecture? Dog ate my homework?  Updating my project?  How much programming needed?  Should I submit my code along with the computational exercises?  How much prior stat mech exposure?
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P. Cvitanović et al.,
All chapter and section numbers refer to the version 12 of the web e-textbook, unless stated otherwise. This course is the last (?) prepublication test run of the web e-textbook. Your active participation in improving the book is very much encouraged.

START: Tuesday Aug 19 2008, 12:05 in Howey S204

PLACE AND TIMES: Howey S204, Tu,Th 12:05-1:25

PREREQUISITES: A basic background in calculus, ordinary differential equations, classical and statistical mechanics. Weekly homework assignments require both analytic and numerical work, so familiarity with a programming language is a necessity.

TEACHING METHOD: Two lectures and a homework problem set per week.

EVALUATION METHOD: Weekly homework assignments and a term project individually tailored to student's level and research interests. For inspiration, consult Grades will be determined from the homework (60%) and the term project (40%) which takes the place of a final exam.

PROBLEM SETS: Please deliver solutions to problem sets by Tuesday, at the lecture, or place them in Predrag's mailbox.

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