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PHYS 8901 PC   Spring semester 2006 
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How is the course graded?  Dog ate my homework?  Updating my project?  I already took PHYS-7224?  How much programming needed?  Should I submit my code along with the computational exercises?  How much prior stat mech exposure?


e-TEXTBOOK: Chaos: Classical and Quantum,
All chapter and exercise numbers refer to the version 11 of this book, unless stated otherwise. This sequence is the last (?) prepublication test run of the web e-textbook. Your active participation in improving the book is very much encouraged.

Howey S104, TR 09:35-10:55

PREREQUISITES: A basic background in calculus, ordinary differential equations, classical, quantum and statistical mechanics. Weekly homework assignments require both analytic and numerical work, so familiarity with a programming language is a necessity.

TEACHING METHOD: Two lectures and a homework problem set per week.

EVALUATION METHOD: Weekly homework assignments and a term project individually tailored to student's level and research interests. For inspiration, consult Grades will be determined from the homework (60%) and the term project (40%) which takes the place of a final exam.

PROBLEM SETS: Please deliver solutions to problem sets by Tuesday, at the lecture, or place them in Predrag's mailbox.

TEACHING ASSISTANT: Rytis Paskauskas, gte203x at, Howey W503, Phone: 404/384-9407


Lecture topics will be described weekly by e-mail. Please subscribe to the course e-mail distribution even if you are only interested in a subset of the topics - send e-mail with text (and no header):

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