Mar 27 2005

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PHYS-7147   Jan 11 - Apr 28 2005 Spring 2005
TR 12:05-13:25 in Howey S107 Predrag Cvitanović
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Start: Tuesday, Jan 11 2005, 12:05 in Howey S107


  1. M. Srednicki, Quantum Field Theory, Part I: Spin Zero - hep-th/0409035
  2. P. Cvitanović, Path integrals, and all that jazz, (preliminary unedited notes are here: Please send me your edits!)
  3. P. Cvitanović, Field theory
  4. M. Srednicki, Quantum Field Theory, Part II: Spin One Half - hep-th/0409036

PREREQUISITES: A basic background in calculus, ordinary differential equations, classical, quantum and statistical mechanics. Weekly homework assignments require analytic and occasionally numerical work.

TEACHING METHOD: Two lectures and a homework problem set per week.

EVALUATION METHOD: Overal course grade will be determined from the homework (70%), and the final (30%).

PROBLEM SETS: Please deliver solutions to problem sets by Thursday, at the lecture, or place them in Predrag's mailbox.

TEACHING ASSISTANT: Rytis Paskauskas, gte203x at, Howey W503, Phone: 404/384-9407


Lecture topics will be described weekly by e-mail. Please subscribe to the course by email to Predrag.Cvitanovic at even if you are not tgaking the course for crerdit, and are only interested in a subset of the topics.