Nenad Belic

(born Apr 1 1939 -- lost at sea Sep 30 2001)



Neno and Coco (Spring 2001)


There are many brave sailors, and there are many old sailors, but there are very few brave old sailors.

Departure (May 11 2001)

The boat



The last photo (Sept 18 2001)

The storm

Once you descend from the bleachers into the ring, the bull looks very different (Spanish proverb)

Journey's end

I remember sitting at the back of the bridge, on the floor, looking through an open door at mountains of water climbing above the stern in the trough, and then the stem slowly rising until only the sky (with pale-yellow sunshine penetrating through the thin clouds) was visible; the ship seemed to pause for a moment, and then the stern would sink and sink until I was looking at the wall of green water. (Nenad's reminiscences)


Memorial for Nenad took place on Dec 16, 2001 at
Chicago Sinai Congregation,
15 W Delaware Pl, Chicago, IL 60610-3306.

simultaneously with the lying of a wreath in the exact spot where Lun was found off the coast of Kilkee, Ireland

A question to which there is no answer

If rowing teaches you anything at all it must be patience (Don Allum)

Wreath for Nenad, Dec 16 2001

June 8 2004 - Predrag Cvitanovic'